The Power of Choice

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The Power of Choice


Did you know I moved to LA to be an actress? One of the first lessons you learn in the entertainment business is you have to have “thick skin”.

The moment you dip your toes into acting, there are people ready to put you down at every turn. Luckily, this was no challenge for me. My whole childhood I was put down, but if you’re not prepared to take a beating, then you can get pretty damaged. Sometimes severely.

Even though I was able to dodge the cruel projection of other people’s insecurities and unhappiness, there was still a painful tug on my heart and it refused to be ignored. Eventually, I was forced to face the reality of this "dream" I chose.

Have you ever been so committed to something that no matter how big or small the accomplishment, you're still left feeling empty? You count the wins, people praise you highly, but no matter what, the end result always feels mediocre? That's how I felt about acting. No matter the project, this burn of intention, intertwined with my soul held no weight. It was an empty road, which led nowhere. 

Nothing good ever comes from serving the ego and that's exactly what I was doing. I left Austin, Texas to become a star. But why? Because of my childhood, that's why. I had something to prove and I spent 4 years obeying these insecurities, chasing a dream that was an illusion, fueled by my tormenting past.

Was it a waste? No. It was a blessing. I discovered more about who I am and I put my hands to work, creating little feather accessories and because of that, 2 years later I found Lillianna Jewelry.

Today, I am living a life that serves me, the truest, deepest, most innocent parts of who I am, and it empowers me in the most profound ways. How? By serving you. Finally, real value is added to my days, and it’s because women like you, who find inspiration in my little treasures of truth.

Take a look at this favorite piece of mine.

It’s empowered me in more ways than one and I hope it can do the same for you. :) 

With that said, I'd love to know more about you. Share with me a time in your life where the Power of Choice empowered a new, positive direction in your life. I'll even give you 15% off your next order when you do.


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With Love,

Elisha Lillianna

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