Are You Authentically Being You?

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Laid before us, the rules of our American society rings proof in the ignorance of the collective whole. With no conscious questioning of the system, we haphazardly abide to these rules, conditioned to do such.

What "rules" one might ask? Well, there are many and it all begins at the root of your belief system. You use them daily, with no thought as to why, and believe that this is life. They're hurtful, misleading and placed to have a mental and emotional control over your being, guiding you in the wrong direction with the intention of serving your ego. These rules include time, self image, status, and competition, dividing you from others, and sadly separating you from the core of who you truly are.

So I challenge you that throughout today, you stand guard at the door to your belief system and really question; is this authentic to my being, or is this the ignorance of others and their small beliefs of true living?

Much love to you all on this beautiful and blessed day!

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