Are You Happy?

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Most of us are told and pushed by family, friends, teachers, politicians and influencers to follow certain societal beliefs. Hey students, let's hurry right out of high school and straight into college to get a degree so you can become someone great! As if I know what I want to do with my life at 17!? Can't I live a little first and discover who I truly am? How about this one? Get the most Instagram followers and likes because it makes you popular! Huh? You're kidding me right? Or my least favorite, take these pills, they'll make you happy.

Being the rebellion I am, I could never fall knees first and bow to these misguided, ignorant beliefs. I constantly felt cornered and robbed of being able to think for myself. Deep in thought, I would take in the environment and everything it was. Sadly, I would see unhappy people everywhere, and so the question of truth always stirred.

Do YOU ever question this "norm" of life? Do YOU ever question if these actions truly make you happy? Or with no conscious concern for your health and happiness, do you impulsively abide to the "system"? Really sit and think on this one. Are you happy?

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