Energy is Real

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Everything is energy. Everything! Even you.  So let's imagine a lightbulb, (thanks to the brilliant Thomas Edison) here before you is this bright shining source of light and depending on the voltage, the light can be bright or dim. Believe it or not, we actually work in the same way. You too have this beautiful light within you and depending on your energetic vibrations, which is done through the inner work of your consciousness, you radiate a frequency. Everyone's frequency is different, simply because everyone is in their own universe of mentality. Some souls are bright, some souls are dim and unfortunately, some souls are dead. Now, let's imagine if we all did our inner work, operating on the vibrations of our inner consciousness, shining light onto the world? Think of all the peace. Think of how bright man, as a collective whole would be. We would be unstoppable, doing super human power things. However, we are ignorant, simply roaming the Earth with no actual understanding of how powerful we are, and so, we choose to sit in the dark, spreading more darkness, keeping ourselves blind from the beauty of how extraordinary life truly is. How extraordinary YOU truly are! So I challenge you. Are you doing your part for the collective whole? Are you consciously choosing to live with love? To yourself, others, the environment and this omnipotent source of energy that in the fundamental basis of what is? Or are you abrupt, having no control on your emotions, honking your car horn, cussing out the neighbor, and filling yourself with self-doubt? We're not meant to be the puppets. We're the marionettes. Much love to you all. Spread love, peace, and light throughout your day. <3

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