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When you wake up. What's the first thought you have in the morning? Or better yet, what type of feelings arise in your gut? Years ago I would wake up and feel a sense of hopelessness. It was like I had no purpose. No sense of who I was. Deep down all I wanted was to be able to wake up with energy, hope, excitement, and love for my life. But I couldn't. However, I saw others had no problem so I knew there was a way. It was then that I realized I needed to change something and I began just that. My solution was to embrace each morning with absolute gratitude. Before my mind started to race, I would take a few minutes to lie in bed and give thanks for all that I have. It's a difficult challenge especially when I felt I didn't have much, because of society and it's misleading standards of happiness. I learned that we have all that we need in that very moment. I learned that we don't need a lot to survive. I found value in a clear mind, a loving heart, and the ultimate gratitude for life. These are very important basics for ones survival for mental health and a good life, which I believe we all desire. So I encourage you to Dig. Dig deep within you and work on these parts of your existence. Full heartily commit yourself to them. Because through dedication comes reward and the value is much more profound than this physical reality of happiness.

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