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Do you ever hear a little voice inside of you guiding you to do something or not to do? Then all of a sudden a louder voice comes into the picture giving you some rhyme and reason as to why you can't do it, or you must?

This is the battle between the true you (which is in connection with some unique plan of the Universe) and the ego (which misleads you from your plan).

The true you says, "I want to become a member in Politics and help bring change to this corrupt system!"

The ego immediately swoops in. "No, you can't do that. You'll never make it, besides the world is so corrupt as it is, you can't change the world.”


This is our problem folks. This is why it is important to do your mental work! We must attain mental strength through conscious choice making on our thinking and emotions. It's important to understand which voice is which and to only feed the one that aids in your truest identity.

It's amazing that we have such big dreams, but we then allow ourselves to say that we’re not capable of such. (Note: One must understand true desire vs. desires of the ego) That, my friends is the inner work you must do. One must figure out why one thinks in such manner, with the intention of redirecting ones thinking to align with the truest parts of you. When you do this, be ready for a ride. You'll end up places you never thought possible!

7 years ago, something told me to move to LA. I knew no one, had no money, no support, no friends, no job, and not even a place to live. I just picked up and moved. It was here, that I found acting and writing and after a movie I wrote and acted in, I decided to quit. I had learned that my ego had drove me to make that choice as a career. Why? Because I had something to prove to everyone back home. I wanted to show them I was worthy! I wanted to be on the big screen all across America so that my peers would be mesmerized and jealous. Wow! What kind of life is that? That my friends, is the ego. When I gained this CONSCIOUS insight of self, I knew my time in the industry was done. I would no longer serve the ego. I needed to serve me.

From there, I continued to pursue my love and creativity for jewelry. For 4 years I developed and created an awesome Jewelry Brand! Guess what? Yet again that little voice has sparked up, telling me my time with Lillianna Jewelry is on hold, not over, thank God! Just on hold. So be it! I will walk through these the doors that will soon open and pursue whatever is next! This is faith and due to having this faith, I'm closer to who I am. I’m actually really excited! After all, life is meant to be an adventure of self.

Now, most would see this as wasting time, as I’m not climbing the social success ladder. Time is an illusion folks. Career success is also an illusion. That is not what life is about. That is simply ignorant. Life is about knowing you, the true you. Life is about shared experiences. Life is about family and good food. Life is about knowledge, meditation, peace. Life is about unity. Life is about LOVE. It is all about Love.

These are the workings of becoming conscious and aware of the inner voice/self. I’ve made some pretty scary moves but with faith on my side, I’m finding the true gifts of life. I don’t need money, bags, shoes, cars, all of those useless physical things, that I can’t take to the grave. I just want me. The true me. Now that is forever.

Much love my friends.

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