How to Become Even More Magical

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In the last blog, I discussed some simple ways to become a more magical being. In this blog, I want to explore some ways of becoming even more magical by finding ways to become in touch from within and to explore ways of putting magic into practice.

How to Be Even More Magical



Meditation is a spiritual practice that allows you to think deeply or clearly by sitting in a dark quiet place and breathing slowly in a repetitive way with your eyes closed. You may want to set the scene with candles, incents, and a few words for your intention. Meditating for 10-15 minutes a day can ease stress and lead to a more in tune magical self! I will be writing a “how-to” on meditation in the near future, so I urge you to read that or do your own research in the mean time!

Give or Receive Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are often thought to guide our future or tell our fortune through a spread (a set of tarot cards that we choose). Each card in the spread tells us something about our past, present, or future. But I think tarot cards have an even more magical purpose, which is to help us become more in touch with our higher selves, allowing us to become our most magical selves. It opens our eyes to who we are, not just what our past, present, or future may dictate from the spread. If you want more information on how to prepare for a tarot reading, check out this link.


Casting White Magical Spells

Perhaps the most magical way to become your most magical selves is to actually try to put a spell into practice, but remember magic should be for positivity! This positive magic is often called white magic. You may want to find a group of like-minded witches or wizards and form a coven to practice your magic. There a lot of ways to cast spells, but be careful not to hurt or manipulate those involved with your spell. For more on how to be more magical by casting white magical spells, you can check out this website (among many, many others).


When you wake up every day, don’t just think of it as another day, think of it as a magical moment of being alive! Remember that magic comes in many forms. Learning how to be more magical is not all about the everyday aspects of life, but it also isn’t all about witchcraft and the supernatural either. To be your truest most magical self, you should explore all ways of being magical, as you see fit. Becoming a more magical person isn’t just putting specific practices into action, it’s also a mindset. You must first realize that you are magical, and then you can explore how to become even more magical! Don’t be afraid to try new things as long as your intuition and magical spirit guides you there.

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