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Have you ever wondered about magic and casting spells? Wicca are people who use spells for many things including harnessing the power of love, spirituality, success and creature comforts. Spells are a combination of special objects, verbalizations, symbolism, concentration, and focus and sometimes alignment with star formations.

Purify Yourself and Your Space

There are a few steps you will want to take to perform a spell. The first thing is to get yourself into a pure state of being by meditating, breathing, and ridding yourself of any negativity, doubts or spiritual issues.

You will also want to purify your space where you will be performing the spell. Burn some incense or sage to cleanse the spiritual space before beginning.

Prepare Your Space

For the best chance of success with your spell, you will want to prepare your space by setting up a circle or altar. The space you choose must be free of any negative energy or spiritual influence.

Within your circle, you will want to draw a five-pointed star called a pentacle. You may also want to have a small table or surface on which to position an object symbolizing the divine. This symbol can be crystals, a figurine or some other object important to you.

Cast Your Spell

You will want to begin by inviting divine presence into your space. Then you will repeat your verbal incantations along with any movements, or rituals required such as lighting candles. Focus all your energy on the desired outcome of your spell. Hold the visualization of your success firmly in your mind.

Finish Your Spell

Depending on the chosen spell, to complete the ceremony you will have to perform some type of closing. It might be as simple as burning something, pouring out a potion, tossing an object into a void or snuffing out a candle to complete your spell ritual.

The final piece is to give thanks to the divine for the success of your spell and expect good things to happen quickly.

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