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Holding space for someone is profound and beautiful. When you do this it means you are there, fully present with them in the moment, entirely without judgment, and willing to join them on their journey without any concern for the outcome.

Holding space means you let go of controlling the situation and offer yourself unconditionally for whatever they need from you. Although this conjures up an image of an adult child taking care of an ill parent, it can also be as simple as focusing fully and being completely present in the moment while a total stranger tells you of something going on in their life. It means opening your heart to them without your mind wandering or thinking about anything else. You are fully present, holding space for them in that moment.

Between human beings, this is the purest expression of love that there is. When you give this gift to someone, you offer them compassion, understanding, freedom from judgment and space to just be themselves and know they are loved and that you care.

Holding space heals not only the receiver but also the giver.


This ability to shelve your own concerns and fully focus on another human and help to alleviate their suffering heals you both.

Masters as holding space know just when to be there for others and when to step back and allow the other person to fly free and make their own choices and decisions, offering guidance and support only when needed. They do not overwhelm with too much information or advice but let the individual come to their own conclusions, no matter how sound or risky. Masters know how to allow a person to feel safe to fail without any negative consequences and to let them feel and express their true emotions in a safe environment.

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