Identify with Yourself

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This foundation of life breeds the desperate need to "independently" identify with self through multiple forms of exterior social standards. This creates a territory where the intention is to prove oneself, triggering ones ego, dictating a space for poor choice making. In turn, keeping you from a pure and fulfilling life as you're always feeding an insecurity vs. happiness. How's that "food for thought"?

When acting from a place of ego, we're far from the truth of who we really are. This is why it's important to know our egos and work inward, so that we can detain it and eventually remove it, enabling a work space of truth. This will allow you to honestly identify with yourself, aligning you with better choices that will make you happy.

I know I can speak for us all when I say; You and I, and the rest of this world, we just want happiness. So I encourage you to dig deep my friends, and ALWAYS stand guard!

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