It's Time to Self Cure

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Growing up was heartache after heartache and the only truth I knew about myself were the tears I faced daily. My understanding of life was obtuse and asphyxiating thoughts of suicide were my main course. In utter disgust with who I was, I'd relish in the moment of internal freedom knowing that there was something more than this esoteric pain I faced.

Sadly, this is something many people experience in their lives. But why? What's the necessary reason for all of this pain and suffering? Why must children starve? Why must there be so much mental turmoil? Why so much hate, greed, and ignorance? Why? Why? Why?

The fact that we ask these questions are the first step toward understanding. We won't have the answers today or even tomorrow but there is one answer I can give to you to apply it right now. The answer is SELF. To seek true understanding of self one must be dedicated to the love of self, experience, and others no matter the circumstance. Through self love, one will cure the pain within and all suffering will cease to exist. Now imagine if collectively we all dedicated ourselves to a path of self curing? What a difference our world would be.

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