Life is a Gift

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Today, I woke up not feeling quite like myself. I'm cycling through some older thinking habits and it's painful as I know how beautiful the clearer side of me is. I know how easy it is to spiral down, so instead of feeding it, I immediately accepted these feelings and had trust in the process.

During all of these emotions, I received an order from a client who last purchased a bracelet from me a few years ago. She now wants a bracelet for a friend as a Christmas gift. :) While making the bracelet, I was then randomly inspired to gift her with a piece of jewelry. Instead of letting my mind come into play with it's convincing, worldly monetary tactics, I kept the intention on my heart and trusted the instinct.

I then began to ponder on what message I would include with her purchase. I knew I wanted to acknowledge her for being so generous and giving. I also wanted to express how important the full circle of gifting truly is.

After her bracelet was finished, I decided to include a pair of earrings with her purchase as a gift for her. I then proceeded to gather all materials needed to package everything together.

My work space has been a bit busy lately, so I shuffled through and found a Lillianna Jewelry post card stationary to write the note on. I set it down to begin writing and there, before me, was a message already written. The message read; Gifting opens up the world! (previously written for a gift that I gave to a mentor, but wanted to write neater)

I immediately walked away, began to cry and started to pet my cat, Porsche. I looked into her eyes and understood my troubles earlier. The trust I showed in these feelings and the wisdom that was to unfold from it.

I understood even more deeply the means to a happy world. I looked heavy into Porsche's eyes and was overwhelmed with how precious of a gift she is. How lucky I am to have her in my life and experience love with her. To know her personality, love, essence, and being. I get to pet her soft fur, receive sweet kisses, and snuggle with those deep loving purrs. It's so precious. It's beyond profound. This creature. The art. How lucky I truly am to be able to embrace this every single day.

I then began to look at life and see how beautiful of a gift that is. Every single treasure and the detail of it. I then glanced at the system we currently abide to. I encounter the impure intention of profits off the gifts of art that are given. A wave of energy fills my body, and everything is yet again so backwards.

To explain this insight would take countless pages, but if you go deep, you'll soon share the same understanding. It's there for all of us, as it's our birth right to know the truth of what we are.

Let's keep the giving full circle, as we are one. <3

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