Question the System

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I know of a man who followed the "system". Multimillionaire, beautiful wife, 3 kids, huge house, cars, whatever he wants. From the eyes of the average man, he has it all. From the words he speaks, he is far from. He's miserable. He's positioned himself in a place where many people heavily count on him. His wife won't quit spending the money on useless things like designer bags, and countless cosmetic procedures. The saddest part; the children are being shaped in this reality and are so detached from the true meaning of life. After striving to have all of these insecure ridden attachments, he still feels empty and he's led his family through this mentality. Can you believe that? All of the hard work he dedicated himself to and still no true lasting reward. Only instant, temporary gratification to feed some void of the ego, and now he's in a place where it would take a tremendous leap of faith to make a change in the RIGHT direction.

Don't get caught up by the lies of the system. No amount of material, status, fame, or money will grant you happiness. Only gaining the true understanding of self will grant you such a reward. Life is much more simple than we're led to believe.

Keep it simple my friends.

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