Surrendering is a Beautiful Gift

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In a world that teaches us to actively prepare for the future, we race against the "clock", striving to meet the "ideas" of "self" that are so perfectly etched on our illusionary mental white board. This anxiety ridden, insecure root for the demand of "success" keeps us from truly embracing the magic of the now.

One must heed with caution and remember one simple fact. All of these external drives, fueled with the need to feel confident in one's position in this reality, can be ripped away in a matter of seconds. When this happens, it will leave you with the true root of who you really are, and if you have yet to do any work on your soul, you're in for a painful journey of true self discovery.

Now, when you give yourself fully, with no expectation, control, and need to have it exactly as you see it, the Universe takes quite good care of you. To surrender, is a beautiful gift to self as you're in complete peace and balance with the nature of your existence. After all, the Universe created us, so why would we dare deny it's ability to follow through?

When I look at the grand scope of things in this society, it's as if we're Human Doings. Funny, because I've always thought that we were Human Beings.

We should practice more being and less doing. Essentially more love and less ego.

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