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Recently, I've consistently been told how inconsistent I am in regards to what society defines as success.

Inconsistent - not staying the same throughout.

Uhhhh, yeah that's the whole point of life...and anyone to debate otherwise, then here's something for you to meddle on.

Unfortunately, society has brainwashed us, creating fears and insecurities through an illusion of a lack of abundance. They've created this bubble, and through all types of media, influencers, celebrities, mentors, brands, education, you name it, our sub-conscious mind has been taken hostage and terribly conditioned. We're led to believe that you either win or lose in this world. To win is through a means of wealth, status, beauty, and power, but oh dear, if you "fail" to acquire these things, then you lose? This is so backwards!

So here we are, locked away, with no awareness of what we're subscribing to, as if we don't have choice. Blindly following the blind, running around and around on this anxiety driven rat wheel...doing what exactly? Chasing our future? Chasing money? Chasing an image? Chasing status? Why exactly? Because others tell us to?

Some of us stick it out and create the cookie cutter life, making sure everything is exactly perfect, just as society has told us it should be. Others, ones like me :)... well, in the eye of the "winner", I fall short and therefor I'm not taken too seriously. πŸ˜‚

I may not have the status, money, or a consistent career to prove I am someone in this word, but I do have a deep consistency to myself and through that I've been awakened to the reality of the game that's been played on us.


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