Thought Creates Reality

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We live in a world where thought creates reality, essentially making anything possible. I mean, look at life itself. Look at the Universe! For these reasons alone, I have always questioned the motive in which everything "is".

We've unconsciously inherited a set of societal "laws", paving the way for "living". We're then "given" the "free will" to create the "life" we wish. However, it's ONLY under their beliefs of a "good" life in which we can then "create" our "independent" realities? This doesn't seem so independent to me. They make it seem like just because we follow the "rules", make money, and have a good credit score, that we're somebody. It means nothing.

Our whole lives have been based off this set of ignorant beliefs, which, unfortunately divide us from each other and essentially from our truest self. They've done a great job laying this illusionary foundation of "independent" social identifications that characteristically only drive the ego, keeping our intention of choice far from the truth of who we really are. Desperately, in a frantic motion, we search to attain these surface level realities, abiding to the game, becoming even more distant from self.

So I ask why? Why on Earth did they create this reality to be our life's playground? There's intention behind every choice and given the small percentage of people that are TRULY happy, the amount of poverty, war, bigotry, debt, racism, control, materialism, and the list goes on. I really do question the intention behind this poorly executed reality. Through a process of internal investigation, by going deep within self, I have found the main objective is to distract us, keeping us from how powerful and beautiful we really are.

What resonates within my existence, and always have, are the facts. So I leave you with the most important fact you'll ever hear; We're living in a world where thought creates reality and ANYTHING is possible.

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