Trust The Universe

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This World is pumping and overflowing with an abundance of glowing energy. The source of all of this amazing, energetic, vibrational art, is the Universe and it's pulsating intention for everything. Including us. To access this Universal intention one must explore the magic of awakening oneself.

Yes, we can access the Universe by physical means but you can also experience it internally. We must understand that life is a game and if you abide by the rules, unbelievable things are possible. This is the Universe and it's beautiful law of polarity in play, as there really are no rules. You see the game?

There's magic all around us and to access the guide, one must go inward and fall back into life. It's like the game we all played in grade school. Where your teacher told you to fall backwards into your friends arms, trusting they'll catch you.

Trust the Universe, it wants you to play. Let's go deep and have us a day. 🌞

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