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The last 4 months of my existence have been extraordinary and to put the depths of these experiences in such a small amount of text has been very challenging. The last few days I have catapulted into a totally different reality, and so I apologize for my recent absence as it’s been painfully hard to put into words. One day, I foresee a book in the future and it is on those pages that I will be able to fully describe the trials and beauty of my life. As for now, all I can share are the bits and pieces of these awakenings, in hopes that it brings a state of understanding and love to your existence.

Each and everyone of you are beautiful beings, with exceptional missions here on Earth. I want you to know that there is something far beyond this physical reality. There’s something so beautiful and heart filling right on the other side; the nonphysical plane. For some, this may not make sense and that is ok but I promise you, its grace is meant for each and everyone of us, so do not worry, your time will come.

With yesterday being Thanksgiving, I spent a lot of time in pain, contemplation, and the questioning of our Western Society. You see, I’ve never been one to find gratitude and excitement in these Holidays. Due to my dysfunctional family, and the pain of my youngster years; perhaps this played a role in my soul extraction from these Holidays? Or be it that my spirit chose that childhood reality for I would soon recognize why I never felt a real connection to these worldly creations in the first place? The fact is, there is hypocrisy in these Holidays and it pricks and pulls on a sore spot in my heart for they’re not REAL in the true meaning of life. Yes, there is beauty in reason, for it is on these Holidays that we unite, and share these experiences together bringing a sense of Harmony to our Society. However, why is it that the desire to give thanks, give love, give gifts, give celebration, give reason for life is something that should only be shared on these specific days? Why not do these acts everyday? To me, EVERYDAY is a Holiday. Everyday is a blessing. Everyday is a reason to give. Everyday is a new year. Everyday is a reason to celebrate. Everyday is a reason to Love!

I question these beliefs, calendar days of celebration, the illusion of time, our social status/careers and how it is to define us, consumerism, and all in all, this physical reality we subscribe to. There is one thing for certain, I think for myself as I am no sheep. I’m a leader, and I truly believe we are all capable being leaders. However, with no conscious questioning of this physical reality, we adhere to these rules, making them our “own”. Seeking to fulfill the void of self, we find refuge in exercising the desires of wealth through physical gain, competition, accomplishments, etc. Most spend their entire lives chasing this, forgetting the most profound wealth one can have, and that's the wealth of wisdom and enlightenment.

We’re blessed to have this Human experience here on this magical Earth. I know, from the deepest parts of my existence that it's not about gaining self acknowledgment of accomplishments. It’s not to attain material things. It’s not to be so caught up in these physical desires of ego. There is one thing for sure, that these are all man made realities of this physical plane laid before you. I know I’m here for something much more profound than that. I’m here to know the true meaning of this bizarre reality called life. This can begin to be understood by extracting yourself from the ignorance of the unconscious human creation laid before us. It is there that you will be granted with a path to true understanding.

So I leave you with this; do you trust everything you’ve been exposed to? Do you trust those before you that have provided this system, proclaiming that this is the way? Stand guard my friends, YOU own your life. Don’t allow others to dictate your experiences based on self serving, egotistically ignorance, you’re much more intelligent than that.

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