Work to Find the Happiness

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Do you ever wake up and you feel like you're on top of the world? It's as if your energy is as powerful as God and nothing can touch you?

Realistically, how often does this happen for you? For the majority it's probably about as rare as finding a four leaf clover. And yet, how often are you actually searching for these rare little green sprouts of luck? Let's say you spent some time searching in a huge field of clovers, your chances of finding the "lucky" ones would become greater, no?

These magical days we've all encountered are obviously a reality but far and few between. However, what if you actually worked to find more days like this? Do you think you would find yourself experiencing the bliss more often?

From personal experience, I promise this is so. I promise this is truth. I promise happiness resides within you. Everyday I have dedicated myself to understand what makes me happy, how to get more of it, and how to sustain it. Through hard work, everyday is exciting, I know myself more than ever before and life is fun!

Nothing is chance, my friends. There's a reason for everything. Instead of just coasting through life, so emotionally charged, why not understand your inner turmoil? In doing so, you unlock your truest self and those magical days become your everyday.

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