How It's Made

Magically Infused Choker Necklace Made by Lillianna - How I Make A Charmed Piece of Jewelry


Create Your Own Stone Chakra Wand!

I invite you to a ceremonies night where you will create your very own chakra wand. Together, we'll bring awareness and healing to each chakra through a stone setting, crystal bowl sound bathing process.

Cast a Spell & Take One Home!

Join me for a magical experience where you will learn exactly what a spell is and together we will cast one! Afterwards we'll settle into that sacred space for a soothing sound bath.

Make a Magically Infused Necklace!

Embark on the journey of jewelry making and intention setting by creating your very own empowered necklace. Together, we'll bring awareness to the powers that rest within you and you leave bedazzled and relaxed. 


Reiki Crystal Healing

Book your session today to instill more balance in your life.

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