Shipping Information

All of our pieces are made to order, which means orders placed Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) will be shipped within 10-14 days after purchase. Weekend orders will be processed on the following business day.

All customers will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information to follow your package after it has shipped. All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service. We offer free shipping for US domestic orders. International shipping fees apply.

Return Policy

Any unworn merchandise you would like to return for a full refund must be sent back to Lillianna within 10 business days of receipt of product. Items are eligible for an exchange for up to 30 days after the receipt of product.


Please know your size! Use our awesome sizing guide to find your exact fit. If you're unsure, please email We would be happy to assist you in getting your perfect fit. 



Orders and Cancellations

The buyer can cancel an order within 24 hours. After 24 hours, orders cannot be cancelled.


All items are made with a 14k gold filled material throughout. This means the piece can last anywhere from 3 to 35 years. This is dependent on a variety of circumstances. For example, pieces with very thin materials, will become dirty more quickly than compared to a thicker piece. The thin piece of jewelry will appear to lose it's gold luster and this is due to the impurities in the air. For each week that you leave the piece out and uncleaned, grime will begin to cake on, layer upon layer. Jewelry should be treated as if it were clothing. It should be cleaned frequently and always properly stored, otherwise you are cutting the lifespan of the piece and make it that much harder to clean.

Sunblock, lotions, oils, chemicals, or any other foreign topical product should be applied and dried before you put on your jewelry. If not, you're take the risk of ruining your jewelry by allowing foreign product to rest on the metal, eventually stripping the gold, and again cutting the lifespan of your piece.

Please also keep in mind that our jewelry can be worn during exercise as the metal won't turn due to sweat. However, the metal will quickly wear if the piece is continually rubbing against other metals. With that said, we do NOT recommend lifting weights in our jewelry.

Because every piece is handmade, this leaves room for slight imperfections. This can include slight tarnishing around the area that was soldered (place where we join the metal), and slight solder (14k gold) discoloration. However, 98% of the piece will be perfect. Please also keep in mind, since every piece is handmade that means that no one piece will be alike. All pieces will be ever so slightly different then the image pictured, making each piece unique and one of a kind. Simply because a machine is not making the piece but the hands of hard working Americans. :) 

Any piece with a stone/stones is a real semi-precious stone. Each stone will very in look and color. This is because all natural stones are never identical so please be aware of these color and clarity differences. Also please be conscious that if you allow your jewelry to sit in scolding hot water for long periods of time, there's a good chance you could loosen the glue, causing the stone to fall out. Please take precaution.


All items have a 1 year warranty. If your item breaks under this warranty, you must provide your ORIGINAL receipt, with the item number and invoice number, to request a repair. All shipping charges are paid by the customer.

We WILL NOT offer a repair if the item appears to have been poorly treated, i.e. purposely broken in half, bent pieces, broken to a point of no repair, or with no salvageable pieces. Shattered or chipped stones will not be replaced. Any breakage or bending of thin wire and thin chain pieces will also not be covered due to its delicate nature. The smaller and more dainty the piece, the more responsibility the owner acquires as it entails an aware mind to care for it and that responsibility is yours once purchased.

Customer will be required to provide a photo of the broken piece for us to determine if they qualify for the warranty. Missing stones and weak craftsmanship will be covered. Severe tarnishing will not be covered. Our metals are very resistant to tarnish, so if the piece is black or heavily tarnished, it means it was exposed to a harmful element.

Please email us directly to get started on your repair at or call us at (833) WE-CHARM

Free Polishing Cloth

We offer a free polishing cloth with each of our pieces. Customers are required to frequently use the cloth to keep their jewelry clean and the energy magical! ?