Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rain Drops
$ 97.00

Rain Drops

Moonstone - White
Amethyst - Purple
Blue Chalcedony - Teal
Peridot - Green
Citrine - Gold
Carnelian - Coral
Pink Ruby - Crimson
After a storm, comes a rainbow.
That is the work of nature in it's beautiful flow.
Through struggle, hardship and pain.
Beauty will also be gained.
Have trust in the process.
It means they're are things to address.

Rain Drops won’t be falling on your head when you wear these dangling gems. Our 14k gold-filled drops with handcrafted circle charms and choice of stone will bring you instant inspiration for greatness, and realization. Intentionally made durable to withstand water wear, this lovely ear candy will stay looking gorgeous for many years. As an added bonus, keep a little change in your purse with our free shipping option.

How It's Made

Thanks to our commitment to maintaining a gold standard in everything from our choice of material to the design and manufacturing process, our pieces are not only beautiful, but durable and guaranteed to last for years and years. We are dedicated to providing the best, most unique, and magical pieces to our beloved clientele because you only deserve the best! Our jewelry is made to order and production time can take up to 2 weeks.

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